•    New Art from Sharon Ulrich   

    Beaujo’s patrons are treated to artwork from Sharon Ulrich. Big thanks to Gallery 360 for their ongoing support of the arts in Edina!

  •    Joshua Cunningham   

    Oil Painting is the way I seek to understand what interests me, stirs my faith, and awakens old memories. Whether painting in the studio or out in the field, I do my best to convey what caught my eye. I paint what I see, because I feel representational painting offers a human expression of the world around us in a language we all hold in common. Read More…


    Thanks to Gallery 360 for providing wonderful artists to feature at beaujo’s.

    Check out www.joshuacunningham.com for more on Joshua Cunningham.

  •    Ellen Thomson’s Art Work on Display at Beaujos   

  •    Artist Megan Jackson’s Paintings are on Display at Beaujos   

    Artist Statement: I am an intuitive painter interested in life-story and emotion. I use acrylic paints, charcoal, graphite, pastel, oil bar, and various collage elements in my work. I begin building my paintings with line and pattern, and later break down the surface by scratching, sanding or ripping away layers to reveal the beauty and complexity that lies beneath.

  •    Barbara Gilhooly   

    Barbara Gilhooly’s art is on display at Beaujo’s.

  •    Jill Van Sickles Art is at Beaujos   

    Artist Statement:

    My paintings are made using a mixture of oils, acrylics and oil pastels on canvas to create somewhat abstract botanical images. The sizes range from 12″x12″ to 60″x60″. Influenced by my degree in textiles, these colorful paintings have notable patterns and textures. My subject matter of the natural world and plants is a result of having a mother who is a florist and master gardener, a father who is an animal loving outdoorsman, and grandparents who are tulip growing, green-thumbed Dutch immigrant farmers. I have vivid and specific memories of each garden we had and the plants we grew. The enormous tulips, Mom’s spring scilla, Dad’s trees, Step Dad’s chilies, Grandma’s petunias, Grandpa’s raspberries, just to name a few.

    Visit Gallery 360 if you are interested purchasing art on display at Beaujos.

    Images updated 6/15/13

  •    David Cunningham – Art at Beaujos   

    Artist statement

    I was trained in the techniques of 19th century French Academic Realist painters and have emulated the work of the Old Masters for their fluid use of paint. In addition to this foundation I have looked to street photographers as inspiration in terms of subject matter and composition. I seek to portray contemporary realism but leave it in a place that could be any decade.

    As an artist, my goal is to convey an emotion to the viewer with the simplest means. My work is about painting toward an emotion and knowing when to stop working lest the entire structure fall apart. Leaving the paintings in place were the viewer can pick up in their imagination where I left off.

    – David Cunningham

  •    Dick Simonsen Art at Beaujos   

  •    Kei Gratton’s Art at Beaujo’s   

    We are pleased to feature Kei’s work. Stop by and enjoy a bottle of wine with friends. Thanks to Gallery 360 for keeping us in fresh art.

  •    Kathryn Vork Waryan   

    Beaujo’s is proud to host Kathryn Vork Waryan’s art work. For more details please contact Gallery 360.

  •    Art on Display – Katy Kelly Noun   

    New paintings by Katy Kelly Noun on display at Beaujos. Thanks to Gallery 360 for providing a showcase of incredible art.






  •    Art by Derrik Gagliardi   

    My paintings are exploratory. While I paint to give life to my idea for an image, I remain half without expectation, responsive to new opportunity, beholden to intuition and faithful that my best big mess will invite discovery. For me, painting is much more than simply a way to duplicate an image or an idea- it is a way to have a relationship with the subject. My subjects in these works are places I’ve been. Though they are landscapes, they are also mindscapes. They embody both my initial connection to the land, revealing those things that drew me in, and even more so the spiritual forays of their births on paper. This process is a deeper exploration of a places, it’s about locating their souls. In this work it seems as though there are three arenas at play, the true inspiration, (the places themselves) my inner distillation, (a reactionary process) and finally, the works themselves present their own new reality. To complete a work, I have to trust that it performs with honesty in the way in which it represents my occasion, both real and imagined. Oh, and it has to be beautiful to me. Gallery360

  •    Art at beaujo’s – Maureen Welter   

    Maureen Welter’s art is at beaujo’s! Stop in to see them live. Contact Gallery 360 for details and quotes on art.

  •    Gallery 360   

    Beaujo’s is proud to feature the art work from wonderful artists represented by Gallery 360.

    In the future, images of artists’ work will be available to view here from the Art link above. Until then please join us at Beaujo’s and see for yourself.

    All artwork is for sale and marked accordingly.

    Cheers – Web Dev Team